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I have known Dr. Binder for more than 15 years. His clinical skills are exemplary. Doctor Binder is an empathetic and highly ethical individual. He treats everyone in his practice as though they were family and it is evident to all his patients. As an Endodontist, I hear what his patients say about him every day. Equally importantly, I get to visualize his dentistry on a first hand basis. It’s an honor to know someone with such integrity and compassion.
— Dr. Jack S. Roth, Endodontist, New York
I have known Dr. Binder for many years both professionally and personally. We have taught dental implantology together at NYU, where he is an assistant professor, and have worked hand in hand on patient treatment. One thing that always stands out that is so impressive, is the consistent high quality of the dental care that he gives. This is not limited just to the technical aspects of dentistry. Dr. Binder has a sensitive and gentle approach with his patients that I admire.

Dr. Binder's dedication to dentistry is impressive. He has coalesced his advanced knowledge of sleep dentistry, dental implantology, cosmetic dentistry and complex restorative work, allowing him to help people with a wide array of problems, both simple and complex. Dr. Binder has my highest recommendation.
— Dr. Gerald Cohen, DDS

Patient testimonials (Google Reviews)

Dr David Binder, where have you been all my life? You have changed my whole life for the better. First you diagnose my snoring as in fact being sleep apnea. The CPAP that I then bought relieved some choking, but did not provide anything near a complete sleep. Then you fitted me for your oral appliance. My world changed immediately on the first night. I could not believe the relief and pleasure of your appliance. It blows the CPAP out of the park! You are really my hero. I SLEEP SOUNDLY THROUGH THE WHOLE NIGHT. You are now higher on my hero list than Mickey Mantle or Mark Messier. Thank you for a substantive improvement in my sleep, my energy, my life! I now get into bed each night free of dread and looking forward to a restful sleep. Thank you very, very much!
— Richard H.
The treatment has been remarkably effective, improving my overall health and my appearance.
— John S.
The “bonding” procedure on my front teeth has made a difference in how people seem to respond to me on a day-to-day basis, and has made me confident in my role as a technology executive in client presentations and professional lectures.
— Maureen S.
The bonding procedure also had the unexpected but very welcome benefit of returning my flute playing to a facility I had lost in recent years. My front teeth had shifted and resulted in an unfocused “windy” sound in my tone also making wide interval jumps difficult. The resurfaced teeth allowed my lips to lay flat and re-center the embouchure to allow me to regain the clear and controlled tone I had practiced for years to achieve.
— Cassandra H.
Dr. Binder is a caring person who is clearly dedicated to maintaining the highest professional standards and devoted to bringing his remarkable expertise to help his patients be healthy and to feel (and look) better.
— Peter W.
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