Gold dental crowns - Porcelain fused to gold dental crowns - Gold dental crown work applied

Advantages of Gold dental restorations

  • Gold restorations historically last the longest and better conservative precious tooth structure.
  • Gold is similar to tooth structure in hardness, and in the way it expands and contracts. Gold restorations are inert and do not tarnish.
  • Gold restorations also do not wear down other teeth they contact, unlike harder restoration materials like ceramic.
  • Gold restorations typically require less removal of the area to be restored, preserving more of the tooth than other restorations.
  • Gold is ideal for the back teeth where it is least visible and truly the longest lasting of all filling materials.

Disadvantage of gold dental restorations

  • Gold is not esthetically pleasing to look at in a person's mouth and therefor is usually reserved for the back of the mouth and other less visible locations.

Most dentists would agree that the best restoration material is gold.

Porcelain fused to gold dental crowns offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance and increased increased strength over an all-ceramic dental crown.

Dr. Binder is highly experienced and skilled in using gold inlays, onlays, and crowns and is proud to provide his patients with conservative and lasting restorations. Dr. Binder will always take the time to present and discuss all your options.

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