When are porcelain crowns fused to gold the best choice?

Procelian fused to goldWhen the restoration of teeth require a crown in an area of high biting force, a ceramic porcelain crown strengthened with a metal, typically a gold alloy, may be called for. These restorations have been improved over the forty years since their introduction to dentistry and can rival the cosmetics of an all-ceramic crown when done properly.

Porcelain fused to gold crowns looks like natural teeth and are stronger than all-ceramic dental crowns. This system can be matched to your natural teeth to provide an attractive appearance. While not as strong as gold dental crowns and restorations, they are a good choice for front or back teeth.

We offer several choices in caps and crowns.

The Manhattan Dentist, Dr. Binder will help you decide if a porcelain fused to gold crown is the most appropriate system to achieve the strongest and the most natural-looking restoration for your smile.

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